Susq. River Honor Journey 2015

01-IMG_9836woke up to this beautiful sight. i love my tent because it has a 360 view of the stars at night and the trees in the morning. so beautiful and perfect.
02-IMG_9843 bedroll gifted by my housemate after she used mine to make a case for her acoustic bass. amazingly comfy down sleeping bag borrowed then pilfered from one of my bffs. lovely squirrel pillow case courtesy of betsy olmsted print & repeat design. crappy inner pillow courtesy of me not remembering to stuff it.03-IMG_9847  our delicious high morale sun tea. contains: holy basil tulsi (powerful happiness medicine) and lemon balm (“the herb of good cheer”), both from my little backyard garden; mint from my fellow traveler jono’s garden, which has thrived in my garden after i transplanted it in late spring; and tons of nettles from the beautiful riverside meadow where we camped. we refilled this jar ten times over three days, and each time the flavors and goodness still stood out to us. one of the best sun teas i’ve ever had!  04-IMG_9869off on the conestoga! jono in the front, me in the middle, ryan in the back05-IMG_9876huck finn06-IMG_9882 pulling us through the shallows07-IMG_9889 the conestoga was filled with birds and creatures of all kinds. the #2 most seen item in this river? TIRES. ugh.08-IMG_9890 the Old Town, our trusty vessel!09-IMG_9891 break time halfway through the day. we’re about to row into the susquehanna right after this.10-IMG_9896 11-IMG_9899forever young12-IMG_9919 13-IMG_9924 14-IMG_9937dry bags are the best thing that happened to us on this trip!!!
15-IMG_9938a mighty eagle on the might susquehanna! one of the many beautiful bald eagles who visited us on this journey16-IMG_9947 17-IMG_9960  The Waters: We give thanks to all the waters of the world for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. Water is life. We know its power in many forms‐ waterfalls and rain, mists and streams, rivers and oceans. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the spirit of Water. Now our minds are one.

-Thanksgiving Address: Greetings to the Natural World

18-IMG_9962susquehanna river petroglyph rock!19-IMG_9964  our scout20-IMG_9965 21-IMG_9971 22-IMG_9978these native american carvings could be up to 10,000 years old! what an incredible feeling to stand where they stood and see that this rock was chosen out of so many. you can even tell it looks different than the other rocks scattered across the river. this felt special and sacred in ways i’ve never known23-IMG_998424-IMG_9994 25-IMG_0009 26-IMG_0016 you can see the figure of a man as a bird or maybe an insect27-IMG_0028 a small storm began rolling in as we saged one another over the petroglyphs28-IMG_0033ancient view of the mighty river29-IMG_0043 30-IMG_0055

IMG_0061 IMG_0071

ryan predicted this double rainbow after a tiny sprinkle of rain. this is the closest i’ve ever gotten to a rainbow33-IMG_0099Susquehanna River Honor Journey Portrait. Michelle Johnsen, June 13, 2015.34-IMG_0104 Susquehanna River Honor Journey Portrait. Ryan Overly, June 13, 2015. 35-IMG_0115 Susquehanna River Honor Journey Portrait. Jono Droege, June 13, 2015.36-IMG_0117 37-IMG_0125 38-IMG_0153  morning gratitude39-IMG_0201 the orange trail ❤40-IMG_0211 pristine reed run
42-IMG_0223 44-IMG_0230 three honor paddlers and two honor hikers. so grateful to bill and shana who joined us for the night and brought delicious food!!43-IMG_0226 laundry line45-IMG_0239 snow geese crew together again!46-IMG_0258 one of the only drinkable sources of water in our county- reed run47-IMG_0265 ryan performed ceremonies at each body of water we encountered48-IMG_0277 blessings with sage and jono’s feather49-IMG_0278 shana gets saged50-IMG_0284 51-IMG_0293jono with his honor journey feather
52-IMG_0296departing our campground and setting off where reed run meets the susquehanna river


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