Abandoned Amusement Park, PA

01-DSCN3035 02-DSCN3044 03-DSCN3048 04-DSCN3059 05-DSCN3061 06-DSCN3062 07-DSCN3063 08-DSCN3064 09-DSCN3068 10-DSCN3072 11-DSCN3073 12-DSCN3074 13-DSCN3075 14-DSCN3081 15-DSCN3083 16-DSCN3088 17-DSCN3089 18-DSCN3090 m 20-DSCN3095 21-DSCN3102 22-DSCN3103 23-DSCN3116 24-DSCN3118 25-DSCN3121 26-DSCN3129 27-DSCN3135 28-DSCN3136 29-DSCN3143 30-DSCN3146 31-DSCN3156 32-DSCN3167 33-DSCN3168 35-DSCN3172 36-DSCN3184 37-DSCN3194 38-DSCN3202 39-DSCN3215 40-DSCN3222 41-DSCN3223 42-DSCN3224 43-DSCN3233 44-DSCN3244 45-DSCN3248 46-DSCN3251 47-DSCN3255 48-DSCN3257 49-DSCN3260 50-DSCN3264 51-DSCN3266 52-DSCN3269 53-DSCN3276 54-DSCN3283 ds 56-DSCN3286 57-DSCN3296 58-76199_10101173300862543_286123971_n 59-604119_10101173301665933_1187234963_n 63-544708_10101173307204833_152225342_n 64-536326_10101173310308613_1939253849_n 65-599760_10101173312334553_945706241_n 66-533890_10101173312808603_1984723133_n 67-156472_10101173313242733_1006496838_n 68-396317_10101173317923353_428349516_n 69-29423_10101173325074023_887907099_n3906_10101174032022293_135094652_n (1) 29423_10101173327608943_146470184_n 409083_10101173329609933_273263635_n 430583_10101173329335483_1628644943_n 602296_10101173329090973_948221261_n


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