Snow Geese 2015

Snow geese and tundra swan migration at Middlecreek Wildlife Management Area, 2015

01-IMG_1977 1-IMG_0219 1-IMG_0264 1-IMG_0277 1-IMG_04581-IMG_03241-IMG_0526 1-IMG_2400 1-IMG_2714 02-IMG_2068 09-IMG_853203-IMG_2146 04-IMG_2173 06-IMG_841005-IMG_239607-IMG_8458 08-IMG_8485

pardon the blur here (this photo is heavily cropped!), but i wanted to include this awesome eagle who landed on the ice in order to feast on the carcass of a snow goose. the carcass happened to be frozen to the ice, and this lead to a very frustrated eagle who kept trying in vain to fly off with his dinner! he eventually began picking off feathers and spitting them out beside him as he ate.
10-IMG_8662 14-IMG_941811-IMG_9074 12-IMG_9273 13-IMG_938715-IMG_9422 16-IMG_9505 17-IMG_9570 18-IMG_9594 19-IMG_963621-IMG_9658 20-IMG_963923-IMG_971822-IMG_969324-IMG_9724 25-IMG_9781 26-IMG_9850 27-IMG_0104 28-IMG_0146


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